A Letter From the Owner

Lee Selinger


I am Lee Selinger, owner and operator of Windmill Oil Tank Service, Inc. I have been the proud founder and owner for over 35 years. I am here to let you know that Windmill is here for your tank needs, whether it be an oil spill, a tank installation, removal, abandonment, or soil-sampling. Windmill can even determine if you have any underground oil tanks on your property (or a property you are potentially purchasing). Furthermore, if an underground oil tank is discovered, Windmill can investigate it to find out if it was properly abandoned by others in the past. Although oil tanks are our specialty, we can also accommodate propane, diesel and gasoline tanks. All our work is done by our own technicians with a project supervisor and myself on site to manage the job. If you have problems or concerns regarding any of these issues, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Oil spills can have a large negative environmental impact and require prompt remediation. Windmill has expedited thousands of jobs throughout Nassau County, Suffolk County, and New York City. We have an excellent relationship with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC).

We understand that dealing with oil spills can often be intimidating, but we deal with them on a daily basis and will gladly provide advice about what is required by the NYS DEC for your specific needs. If you have already contracted others to do the work, we will gladly provide a second opinion or inspect completed work to ensure you will not have problems in the future. (For more about the NYSDEC see our Environmental Page.)

You will also be happy to hear that Windmill works with all major insurance companies. We can serve as your insurance advocate. Should you decide to contract Windmill to do the job, we will accept a pre-negotiated settlement from your insurance company as full payment. You will not have a deductible on third party work while we handle the remediation. Windmill will even install a free full-size, 275 gallon, temporary oil tank and hook it up with new oil lines, so you will not be left without heat or hot water while you wait for your new permanent oil tank to be installed. Windmill will also install a new 275 gallon Granby, ten year guaranteed, oil tank for only $600.00.

Our Qualifications

We are always happy to provide free advice, references, certificates of insurance, licenses and certifications! Windmill is licensed to work throughout Suffolk County, Nassau County and New York City.

Windmill personnel will gladly assist you through the permit application process to insure that work is done to code and you will not have complications in the future. Windmill specializes in property transfers and can provide all of the documentation you will need at the closing table!